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2 months ago
Stinka's Absence

I'll miss you too, chiquitita xD

I'm really hopefull that I'll have all the Internet I'll need, so fingers crossed I'll still be on just at odd times.

2 months ago
Stinka's Absence

I'll be setting off for a project in China for 3 months from the 29th of August and should be back early December.

I'm hoping the internet is good enough there that I'll be able to continue playing, but just in case I thought I'd better let you guys know.


Will this cover my shop aswell?


Base - 7400, 3100

Shop - 170, 290


I base with Sniper as well so he should still be playing, I'm just trying to cover all bases.


♥ Stinka

6 months ago
It's Tyme to change your name!

Join us! One of us! One of us! One of us!

6 months ago
Happy Cinco de Mayo!

7 months ago
VT semi-public obsidian farm

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