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VT Tunnel Wars!


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Ketchup Sandwiches!

- A wild feri appears -

Most of you call me feri, short for feriquita - the name I gave a ragdoll I had when I was very little back in 19-clickitty-clack. 

I'm ðŸ Canadian 🇨🇦 , but I live in â„ï¸ Finland 🇫🇮️  with crepster 🧔👫. We both like to game 🎮️ and watch movies 🿠and travel around 🚙️. We have a doggy named Leia 🕠(Star Wars nerds).  We rescued her from the streets of Turkey 🇹🇷.

I love art in all its forms. I am a Mama Bear ðŸ», and I am an LGBTQI2A+ Ally ðŸ³ï¸‍🌈. I love music 🎧 of all types, my taste is pretty vast. I adore animals and nature ðŸºðŸ¢ðŸŒ³ðŸŒ™️ðŸ‚. Some other things I love doing are: cooking, baking, driving around in the countryside, travelling, history, helping others, Norse mythology, crafts and watching real crime documentaries.

I speak a few languages and always aim to learn from other cultures - especially food recipes! Trade me some :)!  🅠Ketchup sandwiches are the utmost best! Don't judge me, it's a Canadian thing! 

If you see me in game, say "hi", and if you need help and I'm around, I'll help if it's within my power to do so.

Have a great time on Vanilla Tyme ðŸ¦, everyone!

- A wild feri runs into the forest -


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Stinka's Absence

i'll miss you! safe travels <3

stinka cat, stinka cat, what will you eat in china?

stinka cat, stinka cat, have an amazing time!

about 1 year ago
July Build Competition - Summer Time Campground


A "mökki" is a cabin in Finland. You can use it at any given time of the year. Most people spend their vacation time at their family mökki. Summer through Spring, people head out to their mökki by a lake, or by the sea, and enjoy nature, some good grilled food, silence, and the fruits of the land. 

It is quite similar to our traditions in my homeland Canada, so, now that I live in Finland, for me it is ideal to head out to the cabin and enjoy some camping. 

I present to you, a Summer Cabin in Finland 🇫🇮


(Make sure you "click more" for all images)

Thank you, and I hope you enjoyed my building.  You can head to the Creative Server and see it for yourself at Plot: -3, 3 (X: -470, Y: 63, Z: 242). TTFN!

- feri

about 1 year ago
Weekly Competition Suggestions

Crafting honey blocks.

Killing witches (Sorry, Wicked Violet).

Eating pufferfish.