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9 hours ago
Nether Tunnel Design Contest for Map 6

I know this is only tangential, but here's my design for the hub! 
It matches my second tunnel entry. 

I hope if it’s not used, some of the design elements can be used in the eventual hub.

Other things to note-

-the hub is flat, no going up and down stairs to shops, holiday (I got a couple of complaints about that.)

-My goal was an open design that felt large. It is the same size as the 2020 and 2021 hubs, same amount of bedrock to remove too. 


1 day ago
Nether Tunnel Design Contest for Map 6



The Main One

An amateur attempt here.

Let's be honest, Nether is scary and no one likes go there. But since we do often move around using it, let's make this scorched place less terrifying with bright colors and simple rustic design.

My idea of the nether tunnel is to make it fairly easy to build and get materials for. Pattern is simple and with no tricky placements, all blocks are farmable. Design takes advantage of moss bonemealing to create unique vegetation patterns that helps to mask repetitiveness of the build.

I'd like the tunnel to be as spacious as possible, so moving around with elytra won't require a lot of focus.

More screenshots under the spoiler:




This is a nice look, but the moss isn't spawn proof anywhere there isn't carpet or an azelia. Any block that has grass on it can spawn piglins as well. I think with a few tweaks this would be perfect. The only plants I think cant spawn anything are azelias, which you have, and big dripleafs. 

6 days ago
Nether Tunnel Design Contest for Map 6

My final design i totally promise. This one ended up a block wider...I'm not sure how I managed that.
Not as cheap but kinda cool look I think. No soul speed, even more room for flying. 

This one is also in plot 2;3 to preview. 

7 days ago
Nether Tunnel Design Contest for Map 6

The forum system reposted when I did an edit. Ignore

7 days ago
Nether Tunnel Design Contest for Map 6

With this design, I wanted a bright and natural nether tunnel. Still has soul speed, and I removed the divider to allow you more elytra room, ability to just walk across without that annoying jump into a small space, and the ability to go around people from the UK who use their boats on the wrong side of the road. No traffic jams! 
The colors of the plants will show you if you're heading to or away from spawn. 

The only disadvantage of this design is I'd likely submit a very long schematic in order to go through and make the moss and cracked block placements more randomized, and not an obvious pattern when you boat through. 

Materials are cheap!

Come check it out at my creative plot. 2;3 
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