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Nether Tunnel Design Contest for Map 6

And finally, my own design with sci-fi aesthetics.

I call it "Sci-cheap tunnel"

Pliz visit it in the creative map plot number 0,4 (coords -13 370)

I ignored all the guidelines and did what I really wanted, no ice row in the middle, no slabs and no glass, spawnproofed using only stairs (yes a pain in the a** to place for some, but cool as hell)

Colored details for each of the four corridors, asymmetric design to know if you are coming or going from the hub and flat roof on both sides for elytra lovers.

Colorful signage on the sides of the ice road to avoid being run over by a boat.

Crossing from one side to the other without obstacles, weee!

And cheap! The bill amounts to:

-trizillion blocks of stone and derivatives, black and yellow wool, some andesite for the details (which do not have to be copied literally, can be placed at will, like the chains), iron for chains and trap doors, black stone that we will get a lot by mining the tunnels and quartz so Wimex don't get bored, colored concrete and hidden lights so we can use the ones we have more at hand (blocks) and a "few" end rods.

I used black wool for the openings and for under the ice but hey, if you prefer you can use concrete or something else.

More pics here:



about 1 month ago
Nether Tunnel Design Contest for Map 6

OurSolid-ReiA tunnel Plot 0,5 (I just helped him with WE and he forced me to post it and put my name too xD)

I call it "1.18 Farmer's Nightmare" tunnel design, enjoy (imgur link for more screenshots):

Materials: cobbled deepslate, stripped birch logs, green stained glass, moss blocks, moss carpets, dripstone blocks, tuff, calcite, spruce (stairs, trapdoors, slabs, fences), lanterns, spore blossoms (are they even farmable??), chains, pointed dripstone, glow lichen, glowberries, mossy cobble (walls, stairs and slabs).



3 months ago
October Build Competition - Halloween

I present to you: "Getting in the spoopy spirit" 

Image gallery here

It's a kind of diorama showing a friendly skeleton offering you treats.

On top of which there's a witch's house next to a graveyard with its typical

dead (and probably cursed) tree... and some pumpkins here and there.

4 months ago
Client Modifications

  • Name of mod: EssentialGUI
  • Purpose of ModF3 useful info in a easy readable and fully customizable GUI plus some other features like food info, current weather, equipment info, etc.

Link to curseforge:

6 months ago
ReiA 's absence


30+ days absence starting 30th July

Don't touch my orchard or I will know, little b****ds!!