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3 days ago
Client Modifications

  • Name of mod: EssentialGUI
  • Purpose of ModF3 useful info in a easy readable and fully customizable GUI plus some other features like food info, current weather, equipment info, etc.

Link to curseforge:

about 1 month ago
ReiA 's absence


30+ days absence starting 30th July

Don't touch my orchard or I will know, little b****ds!!

about 1 month ago
July Build Competition - Summer Time Campground

I present to you Amethyst Speleo Camp.

Amethyst speleo camp

Situated in, -50 410.

Features hot springs where you can fish and bath, camping area

and access to the caves where you can explore and collect some

amethyst souvenirs by yourself. Provides free wifi. Pets allowed.

1<> night, free parking.

Don't hesitate and visit us! 

Image gallery, click here

2 months ago
July Build Competition - Summer Time Campground

Thanks for answering so quickly.

So, if I have not misunderstood, I can only use items that are in the creative inventory (available), I can not bring anything obtained via command saved in the hotbars (unavailable), it seems fair to me.

Anyway, if there is no problem, I will make a copy of the construction using all those forbidden resources, to have fun and explore the possibilities :P (I will properly mark which construction is the one that participates in the contest, of course).

2 months ago
July Build Competition - Summer Time Campground

Ready to build something but I have some questions:

- Custom armorstands, custom heads, barrier blocks and other "unobtainable" items are allowed?

- I see I can use WorldEdit commands, it is allowed too?

- What happens if only one person participates, competition will be cancelled?

Thanks :D