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Valentine Secret Admirer

VT only thank you!

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the Phanto has returned!

Hello all once again,

I am happy to say I have joined back onto the server after an extended hiatus from Minecraft. Oh man! does it feel good to be back! This server comunnity is still by far the best MC server experience I have ever encoutered! I'll be living near the world boarder almost directy west of spawn (-3750, -1700) if you want to ever swing on through. My interests in builds revolves around neat redstone devices and things that make life just so much better, all while doing so in a way that hides it from view to maintain a pretty UI for all that use it. It's a shame that my redstone skills are not super, so don't be shocked if I start spewing questions in the chat! (yeah I could check youtube but sometimes i think it is nice to get help from within the community). Anyway's, I play at night mainly since I work a second shift position in a hospital. Hope to see you all around!




p.s. does anyone want nether bricks?