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Mikey's Intro ;)

Holaaa !

     My name is Miguel, I am 22 years old and I am from Puerto Rico.

     I remember playing minecraft back in the old demo days(cant remember year atm). I would try and glitch it with WE and get unlimited time LOL. Then mom bought me MC for christmas and from that day on I was HOOKED. Ive done it all from minigames, mods, redstone, etc etc. But I always loved vanilla the most. After a server I was on for so long just died out, I stayed on minigames until I wanted to join a vanilla community. One like the one I was in before, not some open HUGE server where no one knows anyone, and there VanillaTyme showed up, I was stoke while making my first application and boom the fun started from then.         



 Ps. UForced isnt the funniest staff (He lies with those socks of his ;))😂