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7 months ago
I'm not dead yet

I miss many of you! Life has a way with us. I have been busy building a house, moving up in my career, and continuing with my masters. Some of you may see me from time to time in Discord on a different game... its a mobile game, it's about the only thing I have time for... 

Anyways! I love the community and I hope to be able to join you all again sometime! 

Pass the love! Have fun!


10 months ago
I suppose I should do one of these...

I have been a long time member of Vanilla-Tyme. I have been on and off for... many years, but something about this community keeps bringing me back. Amazing members have come and gone, many have stayed, and we love the community. I myself am kind of a hermit, I tend to be a loner, if you see me, I might say hi, but I am typically willing to help you with mechanics or redstone if you ask nicely and I have the resources. I cant build "pretty" to save my life, but I can make something that works. I am seldom serious, but when it comes to greetings... do NOT punch me... I WILL give you an axe in return... I dont play around like that. Otherwise, Im pretty easy to get along with. Here is a welcome video! (if you know.. DONT SPOIL IT! 😜)



10 months ago

Smeags... I also played on that redacted server with Dragon (we miss him) and Nyght (we miss him and his poor ping too...) But it is great to see you again.

10 months ago
<3 Ovrtyme's Intro <3

Brother, It is an amazing ride to be with you on this server! Thank you, and here is to the future.

10 months ago
Client Modifications

Mod Name: Vanilla Tweaks (Xisumavoid Hermitcraft)

Mod Purpose:

Some tweaks and things that are available as resources from vanillatweaks website. Only the resource materials.

I think some of these are no brainer, like the whole pumpkin overlay removal is a hard no, but some of the tweaks like removing the purple end on end rods is fine. 

Here is a link to the site: