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Minecraft live in game mob vote

The annual Minecraft live event is tomorrow, 10/16 at 12pm est.  We’ll hear about the theme for the 1.19 update, and we’ll get to vote on a mob that will be brought into the game! 

We want to hold our own mob vote in game.  Head to the polls and vote for your favorite mob!  Let’s see how it compares to what mob will actually be voted into the game.  Anyone that votes for the same mob that happens to win, gets a prize!  Will you vote for the Glare, the Allay, or the Copper Golem? 

You can find our Vanilla Tyme mob voting booth on the Vanilla server right outside of the main nether portal at -76 +105.  The complete rules are in a book at the voting booth.  If you want to participate you must place your vote between now and before the Minecraft voting pole closes during Minecraft live. 


Link to watch Minecraft Live!


Get more info on Minecraft live here: https://www.minecraft.net/en-us/live

Check out more about the mobs too!

The Glare


The Allay


The Copper Golem

Copper Golem



23 days ago
Halloween Trick or Treat Village

Vanilla Tyme Second Annual Trick or Treat Village

By popular request, we’re bringing back the Trick or Treat village!

Travel to the village via the Holiday Portal in the nether hub.  Head out of the north door of the holiday building, down the path and through the gate. Choose a vacant plot (outlined with cobble walls) and label it with the provided sign.  Then, build a spooky house and fill it with treats for your fellow players.  Treats don’t need to be over-the-top, but let’s have fun with it! 

If you would like to participate, your house must be built and filled with treats by October 23rdTrick or treating will occur from October 24th  at 1pm est to November 1st.


Trick or Treat Rules:

  • Claim a 12x12 plot by putting your name on one of the “available” signs.  You may not combine plots. 
  • Build!  Please stay within your 12x12 space.  Only trapdoors, buttons, and your roofline may overhang by 1 block.  Please do not exceed 36 blocks high from the ground level or more than 24 below ground level.
  • Fill at least 1 chest with treats that you’d like to share with others.  You can place a single item or more in each slot.  Please fill your chests by October 23rd.
  • From October 24th at 1pm EST through November 1st everyone can go trick or treating through the village.  Trick or treaters may take 1 slot from a chest per plot (unless the plot owner notes otherwise).
  • DO NOT Trick or Treat or take any items from a plot before Trick or Treating begins on October 24th  at 1pm EST.


Everyone who builds and share treats will get an event collectible!

about 1 month ago
September 11th Memorial


To commemorate the 20th anniversary of all the lives lost during the September 11th terrorism acts and to honor the first responders involved, there's a memorial fire truck in the Holiday area at 360, 200 on the Vanilla Server (take the holiday nether portal).  

There's also a commemorative collectible located at the site.  This item is purely a limited time collector's item and can not be traded in.  One per player.  

The collectibles can also be found on SVT at /warp holiday.  



5 months ago

Sorry for the delay.  I have tried to contact the person you said gave you permission and given it over a week but they have not answered.  No one else that lives at the base was able to say so either.  Since I cannot confirm that you were given permission in addition to you stealing from other places your appeal is being denied.  


Appeal Denied

5 months ago
Accidental Ban

Your account and any actions taken with your account are your responsibility.  Since you cannot keep it secure your appeal is being denied. 


Appeal Denied