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Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Happy Cinco de Mayo! 

Come and check out the dancing taco on VT in the holiday area (-330, 110)  or /warp holiday on SVT.  While you're there, grab a free shulker of themed goods including a flaming cactus trophy!


about 1 month ago
Happy Earth Day

Happy Earth Day!


Go outdoors and touch some of those green things today! 

When you've had enough of that, grab 1 sapling of each tree type (acacia, birch, dark oak, jungle, oak, & spruce) and bring them to the holiday area (-290, 115) on VT or /warp holiday on SVT to get a trophy!

Place 1 of each sapling into the labeled barrels and then take your trophy from the chest.  You must put 1 of all 6 of the saplings in order to take a trophy.   One trophy per person.  Everyone must pick up their own.  You have until 4/28 at 8pm EDT to get yours. 




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Easter Egg Hunt 2022

Happy Easter Vanilla Tyme!

The Easter Bunny has left a basket full of goodies at the top of the Easter build on both VT (xyz) and SVT (/warp holiday)!  He has also hidden 16 eggs on both VT (in the holiday area) and on SVT (at spawn). 

You will find your shulker of gifts, plus an empty shulker for the egg hunt, at -486 86 164 on VT and /warp holiday on SVTFollow the path into the build and take the carrot elevator up to the top!

For the hunt, there are a total of 16 eggs to find.  You will know you've found an egg when you spot a colored shulker with a sign: "Easter Egg Hunt".  Please ONLY TAKE AN EGG FROM SHULKERS THAT ARE MARKED WITH THIS SIGN!  You may only take 1 egg from each shulker. To help you keep track of what you’ve found, each shulker is 1 of the 16 shulker colors and each egg is named that color.


Look high and low for the hidden eggs.  You MAY need elytra/scaffolding and some respiration to assist in your search. 

Once you have found the hidden eggs, you can use them to purchase GREAT items in the Easter Egg Shop!  This shop is located inside of the Easter Bunny build.  The secret entrance can be found by dropping down through one of the carrots on the build.  To find it turn right when you exit the carrot elevator.  Up for purchase are things like elytra, beacons, netherite and even staff collectibles! 

*please note that the worker bunnies are still hard at work stocking the Egg Shop.  It will be open in the next 24 hours*

To trade in your eggs for prizes:

  • Decide which items you want and what you have enough eggs for
  • 1 point items can be purchased by swapping the egg for the item directly in the barrels at the Easter Egg Shop (inside the bunny build)
  • For higher point items (4, 8, 12, 15, 16), you first need to take a ticket from the chest/barrel for each of the items you wish to purchase.  Then, the ticket(s) and the correct total amount of egg points must be placed in a barrel in the Egg Trade Room.  Place a sign on the front with your name and the date you are turning in your eggs.
  • Please be patient and the Easter Bunny will fill your order! 
  • If you find that there are no empty barrels when you are ready to purchase, please post in support on discord.


  • EASTER EGGS ARE NOT TRANSFERABLE!!!!  This means that you CAN NOT give away or sell your eggs to anyone.  NO EXCEPTIONS!!
  • Please do not post coordinates to any of the chests in chat.  If you want to give hints, do so in DMs ONLY.
  • DO NOT take more than 1 egg from each Easter Egg hunt shulker.  You are NOT allowed to take/pick up eggs for another person.
  • If you find all the eggs, you will have 1 of each color: Red, Orange, Yellow, Lime, Green, Cyan, Light Blue, Blue, Purple, Pink, Magenta, Light Gray, Gray, Black, Brown, and White.  There are no two hidden shulkers with the same color egg.
  • DO NOT pick up or move the shulkers.  This will be considered theft/griefing.
  • DO NOT take more than 1 Easter gift shulker or empty shulker.  As always, everyone must pick up their own holiday shulkers.
  • All hunt shulkers can be found within the holiday area on VT (see image below for area outline) and anywhere within /spawn on SVT. 
  • There are no eggs deep in natural caves.  Eggs could be in water, up high, or down low (inside of builds).

VT all eggs are hidden within the yellow highlighted area.

North Border Z = -110
West Border X = -500/spawn border

East Border – the river

South Border Z = 500/spawn border  



Staff will be monitoring the hunt and checking in to make sure you are following the rules.  We want everyone to have a good time and get some great stuff, so please be on your best behavior!  CHEATING AND/OR THEFT WILL NOT BE TOLERATED

You will have until Saturday, April 23rd at 8pm EDT to hunt for eggs.

You will have until Monday, April 25th at 8pm EDT to trade your eggs in to purchase your items.

We hope you have an eggcelent tyme!

about 1 month ago
Bunny Quest 2022

Some questions about the quest:  


How many vouchers can I turn in?     -   64 per each trade

How many items are needed for each trade?   - see this link: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/199UnwPnIMbpR2CLO_J4fxCyup3xH6oP-NwsbO-OZ_W0

about 1 month ago
Bunny Quest 2022

Bunny Quest

As easter approaches the easter bunny is busy preparing for an egg hunt.  He needs help collecting and decorating eggs to hide.  The more eggs the local bunny helpers help him collect the more eggs he can hide for the grand easter event.  But beware that bunny hunting season is coming up as well and the hunters are gathering materials and planning their annual hunt.

Will the Easter bunny have enough eggs to hide, or will the hunters hunt all the bunnies before they can collect their materials?


Will you choose to help the bunnies or the hunters?  Maybe you want to help both? 


Here’s what you’ll need if you want to help the bunnies:

  • Carrots and gold nuggets so that the bunnies can make special golden covered carrots
  • Wooden Hoe and bonemeal so the bunnies can plant extra carrots
  • Egg Dying Kits: Dye and a water bucket 
    • Yellow
    • Lime
    • Purple
    • Pink
    • Light Blue
  • Various eggs and candy for hiding:
    • Eggs and chocolate candy (coco beans)
    • Turtle eggs and white chocolate candy (pumpkin seeds)
  • Potion of leaping for maximum bunny productivity
  • Golden Apple Snacks for working bunnies


Here’s what you’ll need to help the hunters prepare:

  • Hunting gear:
    • Bow and arrows
    • crossbow and spectral arrows
  • Rabbit trap: Carrot on a stick and lava bucket
  • Leather hunting armor:
    • cap and orange dye
    • tunic and green dye
    • leggings and blue dye
    • boots and brown dye
  • Golden apples so that the hunters can keep their energy up
  • Bring the following from your solo bunny hunting expeditions to prove you’re worthy to join the hunters: 
    • rabbit’s hide
    • rabbit’s foot
    • rabbit stew 


Collect items and bring them to -470, 155 in the holiday area on VT (southwest of the holiday portal) and /or warp holiday on SVT (coming soon).  Trade your items with the helper or the hunter to help them prepare.  For each trade you make, you’ll earn a helper or hunter voucher. 

To be rewarded for your help:

  • Rename your vouchers to say your IGN (the lore lines will remain the same). Tip: to help you save levels, collect up to a stack before renaming them.
  • Everyone that submits at least 16 vouchers will receive a trophy.
  • For every 32 vouchers of each trade type, you will receive 1 entry into the grand prize drawing. You can get a maximum of 2 entries (64 vouchers worth) of each type and up to 22 entries if you submit 64 vouchers for each of the 11 trade types.


I trade enough golden apples to get 32 vouchers, then rename and submit them.  I will get 1 entry into the drawing.

If I trade enough golden apples and leather hunting caps to get 64 vouchers from each, I will get 4 entries into the grand prize drawing. 

  • After the conclusion of the event, we will have a drawing from each side: the helpers and the hunters. The winner will get a collectible of their choice!

Example of a voucher being purchased from the Bunny Helper: 

Example of renaming a voucher with your IGN in an anvil: 


Additional Rules and Info: 

  • Each player can trade for up to 64 reward vouchers for each of the 11 trades. You may trade with the bunny side, the hunter side, or both sides. 
  • It's helpful to take a look at the exact villager trades and amounts before you begin collecting. 
  • Rename your vouchers with your exact in game name and deposit them into the appropriate chest to be entered into a grand prize raffle for each side. You may choose to trade with both the bunny and hunter side to get an entry into both raffles.  The winner of each raffle will receive a collectible of their choice. 
  • Every person that participates and deposits at least 16 renamed vouchers will receive a trophy. You may choose to trade with both the bunny and hunter side to receive two trophies. 
  • All deposited earnings must have the lore lines to be valid.
  • Mob farms are allowed but please respect the mob cap of 100 mobs and 100 villagers per base. This will be enforced.  You can use this mod to help you keep track: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/mobcountmod/
  • You are allowed to buy the items or components needed for trade from other players/from the shopping district.
  • You will be disqualified from the event if you’re found to be cheating by breaking any rules listed here or server rules (including going over the allowed mob cap).
  • All vouchers must be submitted by Sunday, April 17th at 9 pm EDT.