VT Vanilla Server Map 6 Nether Tunnel Community Build
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11 Oct 2020
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29 Aug 2022

VT Vanilla Server Map 6 Nether Tunnel Community Build

A huge thank you to everyone who donated and assisted with the tunnel material collection!  We can now start building our permanent tunnels.  Everyone is welcome and encouraged to help with this community project.

Completion Rewards

We will be working together to complete the tunnels in stages:

Stage 1 – Build all 4 tunnels to x/z +/-350

Stage 2 – Build all 4 tunnels to x/z +/-650

Stage 3 – Build all 4 tunnels to x/z +/-950

Stage 4 – Build all 4 tunnels to x/z +/-1250 

Each time we complete a stage, everyone will receive a prize!

To everyone with existing personal nether tunnels:

  • If your personal tunnel comes out further than negative 10 to positive 10 from the 0 centerline, please move the start of your tunnel and items back as soon as possible.  You may start your personal tunnel 1 block behind the cobble doorways that are currently set out. 
  • Do not remove the cobblestone framed doorways or any permanent tunnel blocks (other than cobblestone wall blocks to open a closed doorway).
  • The doorways are 3 wide but you are allowed up to a 7x7 personal tunnel (centered on the doorway).
  • It is highly likely that you will have to move your personal nether tunnel a few blocks over to meet up with the tunnel doorways.  All personal tunnels must line up with a doorway.  
  • DO NOT place torches or any light blocks outside of your personal tunnel.  It will melt the ice path if it’s too close.



If you’re interested in building out the tunnels:

The schematic for use with litematica can be found below.

Litematica is needed to build the tunnels correctly.  If you’ve never used litematica, check out this post.       


IT IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT that you line up your schematic correctly.  Incorrect schematic placement will cause you to build incorrectly, and it will all have to be torn down.  Staff will build the first few blocks of the tunnels, to help you get things to line up.  There's a red wool block placed where the origin of your schematic should go.  Coordinates and rotation to line up your schematic are as follows:

North Tunnel

South Tunnel

East Tunnel

West Tunnel


Tunnel Schematic File Click Here

(schematic updated to v3 on 1/21/22 at 12:05 est)


*please note this schematic will reach to about 2505 in each direction.  For now, we will only be building to 1250/-1250.


Building Guidelines: 

  • Don’t place torches or any light emitting blocks anywhere except where the schematic indicates they should go. This is important so that we do not melt all our ice!  Light does NOT prevent mob spawns in the nether.
  • Tunnel Materials are in chests near the start of each tunnel at x or z 60ish.  Please keep chests organized!  Please return unused materials to the chests. 
  • Please do not use full blocks in places where slabs are supposed to go.  We will run out of materials if this happens. Using litematica easy place is a good way to prevent this from happening.
  • To make your life easier, use litematica single layer mode to build!  Use single layer mode on the y axis for the floor and ceiling.  Change single layer mode to x/z axis (depending on tunnel) for the wall sections. 
  • It will be easier to place the netherrack first using the tunnel doorway schematic that was given out a few weeks ago.  The netherrack will make placing stairs and logs in the correct direction easier.
  • Build the bottom of the tunnel below the ice level before placing any glass!

Suggestion for easiest below ice level building:

    1. Place moss blocks and amethyst blocks/clusters first.
    2. Place moss carpets and azalea bushes.
    3. Use bonemeal to place grass on the bottom level.

It’s ok if some grass/azalea bushes/moss carpets aren't in the exact same spots as the schematic.  After amethyst and moss blocks, the rest of the bottom layer should be completely covered by either short grass or moss carpets.  Please break any tall grass that the bonemeal grows.  Please make sure all shroom lights are covered with a moss carpet (it may not be this way on the schematic but they should be covered).

    4. Place glass after the bottom is completely finished.

  • If you run into someone’s existing tunnel while building, you may mine the extra blocks and put it in a chest in their tunnel.   
  • If someone’s tunnel lines up correctly, there’s no need to place the cobblestone walls that would close off the doorway.  If their tunnel doesn’t line up, leave the nearest doorway open so they can find their tunnel.
  • The glow berry vines need to be snipped with a shear to stop their growth.  After shearing, you can bonemeal them to create the glowberries. 



Please contact staff if you have any questions.  

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