About Us

Welcome to Vanilla Tyme Servers!  Let us introduce ourselves.

The Vanilla Tyme community consists of multiple servers: Vanilla Tyme, Semi-Vanilla Tyme, Creative Tyme and UHC Tyme.  Our servers are based on a greylisted system; you must register an account on this website and then fill out an application to play.  We are dedicated to making your MineCraft experience the best it can be, so we have implemented rules that all members of the community must agree to follow.  Once you have been whitelisted, you gain access to both Vanilla Tyme, Semi-Vanilla Tyme and UHC.

Vanilla Tyme is set apart from other servers by hosting a variety of special events, such as weekly competitions, mini game events, building competitions, and a large player run marketplace.  We have a friendly, active and attentive staff to maintain all of our servers.  Our community is diverse and helpful.  The players can often be found chatting on our Discord, as well as in game.

If you are interested in vanilla game play, apply for Vanilla Tyme!  Here you will not find any game altering plugins or commands.  It is basic survival!  However, we do have a fully developed Nether Tunnel System to make travelling the world less stressful.  Our player count varies throughout the day.  But, no matter the amount of people on, you will feel welcomed! Each week there is a community wide competition.  These range from mining ores to killing cows and many things in between.  In addition, we host events on a regular basis over the weekend and UHC twice each Sunday.  

If you are looking for a twist on the vanilla game play, apply for Semi-Vanilla Tyme! SVT is the newest addition to our community.  On Semi-Vanilla Tyme we offer features such as teleporting, McMMO, mob heads and multi-player sleep. SVT is a smaller community but, many players from Vanilla Tyme frequent Semi-Vanilla Tyme.  Like Vanilla Tyme, Semi-Vanilla Tyme also maintains a shopping district and weekly competitions, as well as a Nether Tunnel System.  As SVT continues to develop, we will bring on more special events.

While we pride our servers on being community based, it is important to note that we do adhere to a specific set of rules across all servers.  We can appreciate the hard work players put in to their individual bases and shops.  We do not allow theft or griefing of any kind on any of the servers.  We also limit the sizes of player bases, the number of entities per player and the use of certain mods.  On both Vanilla Tyme and Semi-Vanilla Tyme, we have a number of public farms that all players can access.  We also provide some materials to get you started when you spawn in for the first time.

Creative Tyme is currently reserved for our supporters. To gain access to Creative Tyme, you must make a donation to VT and/or SVT.  Donating for a particular server, will unlock that servers’ map in Creative Tyme. If you are unable to support us monetarily, you can turn in Staff collectibles to gain a supporter rank on either server. More info here.  In addition to Creative Tyme access, supporters also receive other EULA compliant perks, like chat color, night vision and emoticons for in game chat.  You can choose to be a monthly subscriber or give a one-time donation to Vanilla Tyme, Semi-Vanilla Tyme or both servers.  If you have any questions, visit store.vanillatyme.com for more information.

We hope to see you around the community!