Important Nether Tunnel Design Competition for Map 7
3 days ago

**Vanilla Nether Tunnel Design Competition**


Welcome to the Jungle!

It’s that time again! We need a new nether tunnel design for our upcoming 1.19.2 Vanilla Tyme Map 7 and we want YOU to design it! 

We’ll let the community vote on which design they like best...

1.19 Update and Border Expansion
3 months ago

Vanilla Tyme Servers have been updated to 1.19!

With the update we also expanded the borders which is where you can find all the new 1.19 biomes, items, and blocks. 

  • Vanilla Tyme expanded from
VT Vanilla Server Map 6 Nether Tunnel Community Build
9 months ago

VT Vanilla Server Map 6 Nether Tunnel Community Build

A huge thank you to everyone who donated and assisted with the tunnel material collection!  We can now start building our permanent tunnels.  Everyone is welcome and encouraged to help with this community project.

Completion Rewards

We will be working together to complete the tunnels in stages:

Stage 1 – Build all 4 tunnels to x/z +/-350

Stage 2 – Build all 4...

Important Vanilla Tyme Markets
9 months ago


The market on the Vanilla Tyme server has opened! With the new map, we have some new market rules everyone must follow.

If you had an active shop or had an approved stall but didn't build a shop, you can move right into a shop. If your shop was taken down due to inactivity or other rule infractions, you will have to start at a stall again. There is a book at the stalls portal with players' names that can move right into a plot.

New 1.18 Vanilla and Semi-Vanilla Server Information
10 months ago



Welcome to 1.18! Here's what to expect on this new adventure.


Our Vanilla map is 20k x 20k blocks and Semi is 10k x 10k, which means lots of room for players to explore and find their new homes. Review the land claiming rules to ensure you don't accidentally build on another's claim. When building underground you must place markers on the surface, visible to ot...

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